News of the Community of Municipalities

That we do not make a mistake there. It is the major national event which Saint-Gaudens and the whole territory lived, on September 5th, at the end of morning. An opening of the Court, besides a reopening of Court, is an extremely rare moment.



 Alexandra Pierre-Blanchard (a droite). nouvelle présidente du TGI de Saint-Gaudens. a accueilli la Garde des Sceaux


The TGI of Saint-Gaudens had been killed(abolished) at the end of 2010 within the framework of the reform of the judicial card led by Rachida Dati. The TGI of Saint-Gaudens will be chaired from now on by Alexandra Pierre-Blanchard, previously magistrate in Toulouse. The functions(offices) of judge of the execution for the movable dispute will be exercised by Madam Marcou, vice-president, or in defect by Us personally, or the magistrate of the most former(ancient) present seat according to the article R 121-4 of the code of the judicial organization..

On the whole, 11 civil servants of the judiciary reinstate premises. But the real winners are the citizens of the Comminges who find a justice of nearness.


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