Holidays of the village

Traditionally the village of Régades organizes a holiday in June for the period of Saint Jean. This holiday takes place traditionally on three days. It is an inescapable meeting and that deserves are successes. It is the occasion to be able to admire bonfires lit on Midsummer Night makes in a traditional way in Comminges. Made from a spruce of a circumference about 3 m. Supervised by our former(ancient) we cut, pèle the tree of its bark and we cut approximately 800 corners(places) in ash tree. Those this, by splitting the spruce form environment(middle) of the tree a fireplace allowing the fire to propagate slowly of the height downward.

The evening continues with a musical animation. The next day after noon a competition of 'jeux de boules'(pétanque) is organized, followed in the evening by a magnificent veal Roasted in the brooch. It will be sampled in the gaiety and the cheerfulness, under the big top raised in this occasion on the place of the village. The evening continues by the animation of a musical group.

Last edited: 10/11/2014