Death of Mrs Jacqueline PAGANOTTO

Death of Mrs Jacqueline PAGANOTTO

Further to the death of his wife January 28th, all the team of the City Council sends to M.Pierre PAGANOTTO, its very sincere condolences, to his family and to his close friends, and assures its support in this painful event which they cross.





General information

Régades is a small municipality of the southwest of France, situated in the department of the High Garonne and the region Noon-Pyrenees.
She(It) is a part of the Community of municipalities " of the Saint Gaudinois ".
132 people who live in the village of Régades live on a total surface of 4 km2 with a density of 33 inhabitants by km2 and an average of height of 409 m.
Since the last census(inventory) from 1999 till 2008, the population is crossed(spent) from 113 to 132 and strongly increased by 16,81 %.
The nearby cities are Aspret-Sarrat, Encausse-les-Thermes, Payssous, Cabanac-Cazaux, Lespiteau. The big city the closest to Régades is Saint-Gaudens and is in 06 kilometres in the North as the crow flies. The station the closest to Régades is to Saint-Gaudens (5.85 kilometres),Loures- Barousse (9.81 kilometres), Labarthe-Inard (12.06 kilometres), Saléchan (12.47 kilometres), Gourdan-Polignan (12.5 kilometres). The current mayor of the village of Régades is Madam Marlène GASTO.
To make all administrative steps(methods) in city hall (birth, marriage, death), you can contact by telephone or by email the municipal team by means of coordinates opposite or go(surrender) directly to the City hall in the opening hours.

Régades 31800.

Key figures

Zip code: 31800
Population: 132 inhabitants
Surface: 4 km ²
Density: 33 hab / km ²
Height: 409 m
Longitude: 0.723056 E
Latitude: 43.052502 N
Administrative divisions

Association of local authorities " DC of saint Gaudinois "
Region: Midi-Pyrénées
Department: Haute-Garonne
District: Toulouse ( 31000 )
Canton: administrative center of 53 cantons
Land use plan, the PÔ zoning map register with the land registry PLEASED


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