Departmental elections 2nd round

Home Secretary Bernard CAZENEUVE specified, in Council of Ministers, that the departmental elections would take place on Sunday, 22, in March, 2015, for the first ballot, and on Sunday, March 29th, 2015, for the second. These elections will allow to renew the entire departmental councillors (new name of the members of General Council) while, until now, these councillors were renewed by half within every General Council. According to the law of May 17th 2,013 on the local elections (Official Journal) of May 18th 2013), a new voting system will be also applied.

The election will take place in the election on a majority basis and binominal in two rounds. In each of the new big cantons (2054 new cantons), candidates' binomial, always compound of a woman and a man, will be elected. At the congress of the Assembly of the departments of France in Pau, the Prime Minister confirmed his about-turn: the departmental assembly will not be deleted as he wished it initially. Manuel VALLS recognized that departments had to preserve skills of cohesion, territorial solidarity and engineering screw à-screw of the municipalities. The bill on the new law territorial organization of the Republic (the 2nd shutter of the territorial reform), a first reading of which will take place to the Senate at the middle - December, followed by a reading in the National Assembly At the beginning of year 2015, will specify their skills as well as those of the regions. The Senate has already begun its works on this bill by proceeding to auditions in commission.